Branding _

You only have one chance to make a first impression and it is made in seconds. We carefully tailor your appearance to your story. Sometimes a bit of sandpaper is enough, more often we go big.

If you don’t stand out, you won’t stick around.

At Nova Griffin, we know what we are doing. We make design systems in which colour, typography, layout and image are chosen with care. From subtle nuances to major transformations. By combining creativity with commercial logic, we ensure that – in a landscape where everyone is screaming for attention – your company stands out.

Don't worry, we can take a lot off your hands.


  • Research
  • Naming
  • Core values
  • Market positioning


  • Visual concept
  • Mood board
  • Brand development
  • Visual language
  • Guidelines Launch


  • Web design
  • Social Media
  • Campaigns
  • Marketing banners
  • Email templates