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Behind every successful company is a well-thought-out strategy. Customers don't just choose your company, they go for the party that suits them best.


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A good product sells itself. Unfortunately, that kite is no longer flying. Online visibility on Google and social media, among others, is more important than ever.

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At Nova Griffin we are passionate about design and technology, our team focuses on creating sustainable and remarkable digital products, brands and experiences.


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Bhavna is conscientious, creative and hard worker who's got several approaches and ideas for any given creative design problem. When I led marketing at Cinepolis, we worked closely on several projects, some of which have become enduring properties over the years. She's not just a desk person however, as she can her hands dirty in managing large scale campaigns on ground effectively. Overall, someone you can rely on to have your back when there are too many things to handle.

Karthik Murugeshan Subramani
Tech / Marketing Consultant at Cinepolis

An incredible asset to any company!! She is a quality driven professional who aims at nothing but perfection! Any project Bhavna takes part in is well-coordinated and thought-through. With her creativity and sense for innovation she would always come up with an amazing way to generate brand awareness. The professional and academic background she has, paired with her commitment, passion and emotional intelligence makes her the great leader she is! Truly a pleasure working with her!

Antonia Dobreva
Marketing Specialist at Axion BioSystems

Bhavna, think about her, when you think about marketing. A driven marketing enthusiast who's strength lies in her passion. Most importantly, her work speaks for her passion. She is extremely and better to mention, naturally creative, effortlessly innovative and rock-solid positive attitude. Never say die attitude is what make her different and a ever-ready solution provider with no compromise at all with professionalism and work ethics. She is one of the best marketing professionals, I have hired and got to work with. Wishing her all the best in life and I am sure she will touch heights of success in marketing. Keep going.

Rupa Chakraborty
Director Talent Acquisition - APAC

Brand managers have an integral role in the modern enterprise, and the role is a complex one, encompassing fostering trust in the brand, managing the brand’s reputation, determining product-market fit, developing marketing and advertising strategies, and more. Bhavna is one such Brand/Marketing person, who does this all well. She is a talented marketing mind with excellent balance on strategy and execution. She is eager and a fast learner. Through all the years I have found Bhavna a very hard-working and sincere employee, who puts her heart and soul into the task she is assigned for. She accepts the challenge to learn on the run and apply those learning to the task at hand. I believe that Bhavna is an excellent marketing resource and she will always be an effective and contributing member of a marketing team. I wish her all the very best in her career.

Ritesh Bhatnagar
Managing Director at Green Giraffe Media

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