Our story_

We're on your level.

When different perspectives and experiences come together, amazing things can happen.
Nova Griffin is a branding and digital agency that is equal to its clients, forming valuable and lasting relationships.
When you work with us, we’re on the journey together.


Striking the right chord is challenging when developing an authentic corporate identity. A strong image ensures recognisability and trust.


Behind every successful company is a well-thought-out strategy. Customers don't just choose your company, they go for the party that suits them best.


Websites that score well in Google, platforms that automate manual work and web shops that double turnover figures. We are the partner for everything possible on the World Wide Web.


A good product sells itself. Unfortunately, that kite is no longer flying. Online visibility on Google and social media, among others, is more important than ever.

Who we are

We are an independent branding design agency based in The Netherlands working with clients from all across the globe.

We pride ourselves on being a small and agile team, allowing our clients to get more out of their budget and offering a one-to-one service. Our way of working involves you the client, and us the designers. No account directors or middlemen, just pure collaboration and creative ideas coming together to deliver brands with real impact. Since setting up our branding and digital agency, we’ve worked with clients big and small, from established brands to start-ups.

We adapt to help solve the unique challenges faced by your brand by using our experience across a variety of sectors, including food and beverages, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, culture and the arts, festivals and events, corporate services, sports and health, construction, and more.

What we do

To create effective brands, we immerse ourselves in your company and sector to understand what your brand stands for and why consumers should care. We call this building brands purpose and personality. By combining heaps of character with a deeper sense of meaning, we develop experiences that consumers connect with.
Creating a brand is just the start, at Nova Griffin we have an experienced team that can deliver across multiple touchpoints. From packaging that stands out on supermarket shelves to websites that convert consumers into customers, we have helped countless brands take the next step on their journey.
Being a full-service agency, we’re able to handle the whole process from brand strategy to brand implementation and rollout. We also use trusted partners to keep your brand on the right track, from recipe development to photography and print production.
If you’re looking to work with an experienced team to take your brand or packaging design to next level, get in touch.